What Parents Want To Know


It is our pleasure to welcome you to College View Middle School. Our main objective is for all students to learn!  The beginning of the school year is the first step to a new and exciting adventure. We are looking forward to providing many fun and rewarding learning experiences for all students throughout the year. We welcome family members to be our partners in helping our students grow into healthy, happy and life-long learners.

During your child’s elementary years both you and your child knew what to expect when school started.  As a parent, you got pretty comfortable with the basic routine.  You knew the day the teacher gave a spelling test, you understood the homework rules, and if you encountered a problem you knew where to go for help!  Now you’ve entered the middle school and you have many questions!

Middle school curriculum is more varied and goes into more detail.  Students have more activities available to them.  It’s a time to start serious thinking about careers, life choices and plans for higher education.  It is also a bewildering time.  Students in middle school change rooms and teachers throughout the day.  Your student worries that he may not find his way from room to room.  Will she remember her locker combination?  What if he doesn’t know anyone in his classes?  Will she be able to do the homework?

You have your own concerns.  How will you know what is going on in school?  Will you know his friends?  How will you stay in touch with all those teachers?  How will you even know who the teachers are?  And how will your child, who can’t always find her shoes, be able to keep track of her homework?   

The College View Middle School, “What Parents Want To Know,” is a guide to assist you with valuable information about our school.  It has been carefully prepared and reviewed in order for you and your family to know and understand the policies and practices of our school. We encourage each student and parent to also review the Daviess County Public Schools Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline as well as the CVMS student agenda handbook.

 We are excited about this school year and look forward to working with you and your student!

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